Kareem Elsirafy is a successful entrepreneur who for many years has provided technological solutions to various business and social complications. Specializing in operational design and causal relationship economics, Kareem has provided expertise from problem identification and assessment, to solution ideation and execution for start-ups, seasoned companies, and independent initiatives. 

Kareem joined the U.S. Marine Corps immediately after high school in 2001. Following his service career, he entered the private sector in 2004 where he held several positions in various industries from auto racing to finance. In 2007 Kareem founded M1 Marketing Firm, which provided creative and business solutions for small to mid-sized companies. While studying at the American University in Cairo, Kareem authored reports on the inefficiencies and effects of current consumer subsidies on Egyptian government budget deficit and possible rectification plans.

After graduating from college, Kareem joined forces with a fellow Veteran to help tackle obstacles fellow Military Veterans and their families face when transitioning out of the uniform. Driven by their own experiences and those of friends, Kareem and his co-founders envisioned a digital platform that would bridge the divide between military and civilian life. 

In addition to his devotion to the Military Veteran community, Kareem is a strong supporter of constructive narratives for Western and Middle East dialogue. Kareem holds multiple degrees from Columbia University including Political Science, Economics and Middle Eastern Studies. Born in Cairo, Egypt, Kareem moved to Litchfield County Connecticut with his family at the age of 4 and currently resides in New York City.